Mission Statement

Hey there,
I'm Brittany.  Owner of  BeWrightBack Apparel & The Lupie Traveler 
Please take a minute to read my mission statement.  


BeWrightBack is a travel company specializing in showing others that they can mentally, physically, and financially afford to travel with an illness. I’m so proud of the brand I’m building because I’m able to take something that was life-changing to me and help bring joy to others.

The Lupie Traveler & BeWrightBack Apparel are under that company.


The Lupie Traveler:

I share travel tips and tricks on my blog. I also help others plan their dream vacations. I often cater to those with disabilities.

BeWrightBack Apparel:

My apparel is meant to be comfy but still trendy.
It’s for the girl that’s always on the go, but she still wants to be stylish.
It’s for the girl that’s not feeling too well, but she doesn’t want the world to know.
I’m that girl, and I know there are many more like me!!

Our logo:
The Butterfly.
The BeWrightBack Butterfly is more than just our brand’s logo.
This butterfly represents so many of us battling Lupus.
The Butterfly is the mascot for us with Lupus.
The Butterfly rash is one of the first signs of lupus or a flare is about to occur.
If you take a closer look you can see our brand initials in the butterfly. BWB